Carter is free for individuals, paid for by companies.

What is Carter?

Carter is a platform for developers to create and configure conversational digital personalities (called 'Agents'), to integrate into their projects. Developers can give each Carter Agent a unique personality and back story tailored to their specific use case, be it for a game, product or personal hobby project.

What can I use Carter for?

Carter has an unlimited number of potential use cases which will only grow over time. Some of the favourites include digital companionship platforms, conversational NPCs for immersive gameplay, mental health & depression support, virtual assistants and virtual & augmented reality applications.

Join our Discord!​

This is the main melting pot where it all goes down... Our discord is HQ of the Carter community, where people share their awesome projects, new startup ideas they want to see in the world, helpful resources and everything in between.
We also have dedicated sections to ask questions, get support, raise feature requests and let us know about bugs or issues. It's super chill, non-judgy and an absolute blast of a community to be a part of. Don't believe me? Come and see for yourself! 😁

Dance with us on TikTok!​

We're building this entire project in public on TikTok. Follow @carterapi for the Carter specific stuff, or if you want to keep track of the build journey follow the founders @huwprosser and @dannyhayder! 🚀

Take part in our first in-person event!​

Okay this is a link to the Discord again... but that is where we'll announce the upcoming events 😁
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