Carter Startup Program

Building a product? We want to give you something special to help you along your journey. Introducing the Carter Startup Program
Empowering developers to build immersive conversational experiences is the core of our mission at Carter. Some of our users are working on personal hobby projects exclusively, while a select few are using Carter to build actual products and startups, to tackle some of the most pressing problems in our world (e.g. mental health, depression, access to companionship and others).
For the product builders and startup founders, we want to work with you directly to help bring your product to life.
Introducing the Carter Startup Program:​

Tailored Tokens

There is no such thing as 'one size fits all' when it comes to pricing your product. So we believe there shouldn't be a 'one size fits all' to buy Carter Tokens.
We are offering founders in the Carter Startup Program the ability to apply for special rates and subscriptions packages for Carter Tokens, to fit the specific use case of your business. We will personally dive into your project with you and figure out the best Token package that we can offer, in order for you to use Carter most financially efficiently.

Advice & Guidance

Building a startup is hard. We've done it before, are doing it now and we've both had major wins as well as avoidable losses. We want to work directly with you, to help steer your startup in the right direction and avoid costly mistakes that you may run into.
We'll schedule regular Zoom or Horizon Workrooms meetings to learn about your business, how best to utilise Carter to enhance your product and also share our tips on sales & content marketing to build your early user base.
On top of that, we'll be on hand to help with Carter related support and also check in regularly and see how you're getting on.

More perks to come!

This Program is still super early and we're constantly learning how to be helpful for startup founders. We'll be announcing new perks and updates to the program soon!
To apply, fill out the Carter Startup Program form!​