Pricing & Use

Pricing breakdown for our developers
Disclaimer: The following pricing is only for the Beta stage of Carter. Pricing may change for the official product launch.

Carter is free for small projects...

We do not charge individuals who say (or write) less than 5000 words to Carter Agents per month. While using Carter for free you must agree to the following.
  • Ensure it is clear to all users that they are speaking to an AI.
  • Not abuse the API including the use of automated stress testing.
  • Follow our terms of use.

Cost efficient for public games.

Should your players wish to speak more than 5000 words to Carter Agents per month in total, we now offer a bundle of 100k words for just £12.

Still not enough?

You are likely a game studio or company looking for:
  • Commercial use permission.
  • Improved API speed and reliability.
  • Tailored support and infrastructure. To discuss a tailored subscription package for your product, please reach out to [email protected].