Privacy & Cookies Policy

We are also tired of hard-to-reach online companies. Feel free to directly contact our CEO regarding any data concerns via [email protected]
We believe it should be possible to gain a good understanding of how your data is used in a single paragraph. Here's the short version.
Your Data
We follow EU and UK Data law and highly respect both the data laws and the data they ultimately protect. We do capture your data, here's what we do with it.
  • Never sell it to third-parties.
  • Use it to improve our service in a number of ways, including improving machine learning models that make your agents smarter.
  • Protect it with encryption and an organisational structure that prevents abuse of power.
  • Respect your right to opt-out at any time.
Cookies are tiny pieces of text that are saved to your browser when you consent. We use these in a number of ways.
  • Keeping your account secure (Verifying you are you).
  • Allowing us to monitor the Dashboard to keep things running smoothly.
  • Help us to improve your Dashboard experience.
Read the full version:
Carter Privacy and Cookies Policy.pdf