Feeling a little stuck? Like a turtle cooking in his little turtle suit?
We all have those days, this section is to simply highlight some out-of-context things to try first. If you're really stuck, reach out to us on Discord!
My Agent does not converse properly.
Agent's pay close attention to conversational history. If you agent conversation appears to be going off on a tangent this is likely because your agent has become confused with the conversation. This happens a lot when you're testing things, speaking repetitively etc. You can reset this by simply restarting the conversation like you would with a human, a simple 'hello' should do it.
My agent keeps saying 'Sorry, I didn't quite catch that'
Ensure 'Allow open conversation' is enabled under Dashboard > Agent Editor > Configure (Tab) > Allow Conversation.
Custom triggers are activating too often
If your trigger is activating too often, try increasing the confidence to around 65-85%. You could also try to re-write some of the example phrases.
Custom triggers aren't activating at all
If your trigger is not activating, try adding more example phrases, adjusting existing ones or lowering the sensitivity to around 40%.
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